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A very warm welcome to The Gambia – the smiling coast of West Africa – from your personal, professional tour guide Modou Barry.

The Gambia, the smallest country on mainland Africa, is just six hours away from major European destinations and being on the same time zone you will not experience any jet lag.

It is an increasingly popular and affordable winter destination, attracting visitors seeking sun, sand and sea – plus a unique cultural and historical experience that only The Gambia can provide.

With his wealth of skill, understanding and colourful knowledge, Modou Barry’s specialist countrywide and birdwatching tours are enjoyable, interesting – and safe.

They provide a very real and in-depth insight into true Gambian life both for the tourist and the more adventurous visitor seeking to step off the beaten track.

The areas visited on Modou Barry’s tours form a vital part of The Gambia's heritage, helping to keep alive the story of the many villages and to both help and improve the well-being of the communities that live there today.

This is the ‘real’ Gambia – an authentic experience of the country’s fascinating culture and history. And while our tours provide the experience of a lifetime, you will also see how the people of The Gambia toil on a daily basis to eke out a living in a country still stricken by poverty, yet who never fail to have a smile on their faces!

Welcome to Modou Barry’s Tour Gambia – bespoke private tours for both individuals and groups.

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NB: We also organise Bird Watching itineraries in both The Gambia and Senegal. 1/2 Day or Full day birding in different habitat - eg WET LAND, WOODLAND, FOREST. Plus Bird Watching Itineraries one week to two weeks. GET IN TOUCH FOR MORE INFORMATION


We can recommend:

Seafront Residences & Hotel, right on the famous Bijilo Beach. Just 20 mins from the airport and 10 mins to the Senegemabia Strip  – a combination of modern luxury with the richness of traditional Gambian culture. 20 individual custom-decorated suites.Living spaces that are truly unique.

Lemon Creek Hotel Resort in Gambia is situated right on the beach, approximately 2 km. southwest of Senegambia Area (Kololi). The area of the resort is around 40.000 m2 and built in a Spanish Colonial style. All buildings on site are not more than two storey.The constructions and architecture are made with respect to the nature of the landsite and the garden hosts an extensive birdlife.

Your wedding ceremony in The Gambia

Simple, yet diverse with our friends at The Lemon Creek Hotel:

  • Beautiful grounds with space for marquee
  • We will make all necessary arrangements with the Justice Dept for your ceremony
  • Dancing, beach, drummers
  • Evening boat trip from Banjul to Lamin Lodge - capacity for up to 50 people
  • African-style dinner at Lemon Creek Hotel