Children in Southern Gambia Children in Southern Gambia

Full Day

This tour takes in the south bank of The Gambian river, with its beautiful pristine beaches and an opportunity to meet some of the local inhabitants.

We first visit Sukuta village and see the local people living out their daily lives at the fish and vegetable market . We then drive off-road aboard our 4x4 vehicle and visit other small villages with different habitats, with a stop at a local school, where you will learn about education in The Gambia.

After a break in the bush, we visit the southern border town of Kartong and enjoy a tour of the village with a native English-speaking young man.

The villagers here represent four different tribes of The Gambia – the Karoninkas, Manjago, Bambara and Sere - all living harmoniously together. The last three races are very rare, so your support will help ensure their future existence in The Gambia.

We will also visit Kartong Reptile Farm to see the snakes and other reptiles indigenous to The Gambia. Those of you brave enough will also have an opportunity to handle one of the larger snakes!

A further port of call is the Alhalin Bolong on the border of south Senegal. At 1pm, we will have lunch and a chance to take a swim.

At 4pm, we l head north again for our final stop at the amazing fishing village of Tanji, which is the landmark centre of The Gambian fishing industry and its economy, being part of the “Invest Gambia Zone.” We return to our hotel at around 6pm.



Availability – Daily on request                     

Hotel pick-up time – 8.30am

Form of transport – Open Jeep/Mini Truck

Cost: Please call or email Modou Barry 

A deserted beach in Southern Gambia A deserted beach in Southern Gambia