Banjul's Arch 22 Banjul's Arch 22

Long Half Day

This fascinating tour to Banjul, capital city of The Gambia, situated at colonial St. Mary’s Island, touches on the life and culture of the people of country.

As we drive into Banjul, we will stop at Arch 22, a landmark commemorating the symbol of the Second Republic of The Gambia. It was built in 1996 to mark the rise to power two years earlier of President Yahya Jammeh.

A statue of the Unknown Soldier can be seen near the base of the Arch. The soldier is carrying a baby in one hand, making the peace sign with his other hand, and has a rifle strapped across his back.

At 35 metres high, the Arch, which is depicted on the reverse of the 100 dalasi banknote, is one of the tallest structures in The Gambia. The building stands on eight columns and has three floors. Access to the upper floors can be made through several elevators and spiral cases.

The gallery on the second floor provides an impressive panorama of the city, with the view extending down to the seaport of Banjul and the mangrove forests of Tanbi wetland complex. On the top floor is a small textile museum.
We will then visit the National Museum of The Gambia on Independence Drive, home to historical documents, old maps, photos, displays and wood carvings relating to the fascinating history of the country and its road to independence.

We then head to Albert Market in Banjul, where you can see how the local people struggle with their daily life. It’s a riot of colours and smells, with its food, vegetable and fish markets, music, fabrics and crafts.

Popular souvenirs include batik, gold and silver filigree jewelry, wood carvings and leather goods. Tailors can quickly make clothes to order at reasonable prices.

The City Tour will end at the quiet sea front Kalipso Beach Bar and Restaurant in Bakau, where you can have lunch, enjoy a quiet walk to the beach and see the birdlife. You may even be lucky enough to spot some crocs. Then it’s back to your hotel.



Availability – Daily upon request

Hotel pick-up time - 9.00 am

Form of transport - 4x4

Cost: Please call or email Modou Barry

Banjul Market - not to be missed Banjul Market - not to be missed